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Dear Friend,

Azcataloq is a non-profit effort to create an online catalog of historical photographs and documents from Azerbaijan. Our mission is to preserve our past through images and make it accessible for education and research.

We do this important work with a small team of dedicated volunteers. Server hosting, maintenance, software improvements and daily operations require real funding. That is why we need your help.

Your donation will allow us to:

  • Digitize more archives and collections to upload on Azcataloq
  • Upgrade our storage and servers to host more content
  • Engage experts to verify materials and enrich information
  • Introduce new features for an improved user experience
  • Cover our monthly costs of web hosting, security and backup

Even small donations make a difference! Please consider supporting our project with a tax-deductible contribution. Help keep Azerbaijan's history alive and online.

With gratitude, The Azcataloq Team



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Please let me know if you would like me to modify this donation appeal in any way. I'd be happy to rewrite it to better fit Azcatalog's voice and needs.